Monday, January 15, 2007

Good point


Today, someone from my building did something useful in the elevator, sticking this. Maybe that'll prevent people from smoking in this small space, so it won't stink burned tobacco anymore.

By the way I'm testing the "BlogThis!" feature of Posted by Picasa Picasa... and to tell you that once my week of exam is finished, I'll be more available to tell you about my wonderful adventures...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where is my mind ?

Friday night. When things happen but I don't care about anything anymore, my reason goes on another star. Then I take some shots in which I'm flipping pancakes and I edit them so I make up something pointless.

Well, that's not evil... and that's good if people can laugh with totally odd things. People are too much dedicated to easy jokes nowadays.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Too bad I can't translate the french title of this post, it was an amazing pun

Here we go for another year. As every year, one day after my birthday and a half - I was 20,5 last saturday - we increment this counter. Then we have the usuals ceremonials : «Bonne année» (happy new year) in Live Messenger nicknames, on message boards (and now also on blogs), people complaining about the end-year parties (someones have good reasons, other just seem happy to complain).

This change of year is particular for one reason : since january the 1st, supermarkets are allowed to broadcast ads on the television. In some countries, it has been allowed since a long time, but for us, french people, it will really make a difference.

I've been too lazy to translate the whole post I wrote on J'ai envie, but maybe if someone posts a comment here, I'll think about doing it...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Come what may

Fate ? Something which only comes slowly in the life of those who let passively their lives passing by.

But there are also those who decide to take the control, to triggle a different fate, essentially full of hope.

I think I'll be one of them.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Only a day among other ones

I wake up worrying. I begin my day acting without conviction. I take part in a radio show where I'll feel fine, because I NEED to clean my mind.

At noon, after the show, I go to the place de Jaude to see the activities of the Telethon, thinking that it's the only time I'll see them.

Then I talk to you by some digital medium. I tell you everything I have in the heart, and I realize you're greatly receptive to everything I have to tell you. We leave each other saying we'll met at the Place de Jaude lately in the afternoon, and we'll call back for that later.


I heard you saying “à plus” (“see you”) and hanging up.

My heart pounding, I tear down the stairs - actually i took the elevator, but it's harder to tear down - going to the street to catch the tramway.

I leave the tramway at the Jaude station. I wait for you five minute, not more, during which I feel a tiny raind falling on my nose. I dream of both of us sharing an umbrella...

I answer your call as soon as I turn over in front of you, and I hear you saying “Ah, I'm seeing you !”.

You say the atmosphere gives you the feeling we're in Love Actually. You say the giant squirrel is tremendous fun, but the person inside the costume is obviously getting bored of his day. And you're saying so exactly what i'm thinking that I've got the feeling we're both thinking in the same mind.

We rappel the wall of the Centre Jaude (and by the same way we give money to the Telethon). I have to use all my persuation to put you into surpassing yourself, and to give you the courage of doing it, I surpass myself by doing it (I've never would have done it without you).
Eventually we're both very satisfied.

We walk, we talk, we talk as we walk, me meet people you know... and with pleasure, I tell to myself they may be wondering who we are for each other !

Then we run out of time and we've got to catch up with him. I see you acting conventionally, I see you're not really believing in it, and I think about our chatting, telling myself we really have to chat again about this topic.

The three of us are chatting together, then we take the road together (but only you and me are talking), we get to destination, and then, I get somehow ill-at-ease for what I see, but I keep my head up because I was expecting it to happen. I leave with a smile, but also worrying like I was in the morning.

And that's all.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

About my worst enemy - and my greatest friend

This post will be somehow self-centered. I won't write about a topic from those i'm stocking deep inside my brain. I'll just approch the lack of activity of my blog, which annoys me.

The point is I don't understand why i'm doing this... or rather why i'm not doing it. Why I'm not posting. I was complaining about not having Internet at home, not having much time and not having a pleasing blogging system. Today I've got all of these, and I still have my blogging motivation and my inspiration (which are there since the beginning and never let me down).

Actually, my life is full of interestings situations and events, I've the feeling my ways of reflection have improved. I fancy sharing musics and images i'm discovering... I also have the feeling that ideas coming to me could be useful to other people.

So why isn't the sparkle coming ? Why am I only doing fake comebacks ? I'd like it to be as in the old good times, when everything that blows up into my right hemisphere becames automaticaly a typing of my fingers on the keyboard.

You're reading this... help me ! Put me into this way of expression that I love. Tell me to blog. Cut down this freezing of creativity, so that I can tell you about Strawberry, about my friend Ladybird that I won't let down, about some treasures I found while wandering around, about the eleventh fret of Clara -my guitar - from with she's sounding bad, about those friends which are more and more beloved, about simple semantical pleasures, and about love, love, love, all you need is love !

Let the words fly away.
- Right, let the words fly away !